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Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's a long hiatus from me. I haven't been updating this blog for ages, and now I am back, just to do some shameless promotion for my new side adventure.

To help my fellow Malaysians to get their hands on Kindle, I've decided to launch Basically this is a website that allows you to purchase kindle the eBook reader direct, because the just won't ship its precious eBook reader device to Malaysia. So, anyone who is residing in Malaysia who wishes to get their hands on the device can go to the website and order one. The purchase process is painless, just like how would normally you buy things online.

If you have any questions you should read the FAQ, and contact if your questions are not covered in FAQ.

One would think that my main purpose to setup this eCommerce shop is to make money. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have a nice full time job, and don't really need any part time income, thank you very much ( Although I would be much delighted if my friends who like to engage me as their wedding MC). And from my survey I highly doubt whether Malaysians are that much into book reading that I can make a nice living selling Kindle.

The reason I would do this, is to experiment with Google Adwords and online eCommerce. In other words, I am doing this for fun, and experience. Or maybe gaining a few talking points on this blog; writing about software isn't that fun after all. I hope that by one year later I can educate, regale everyone about my experience and what I've learnt.

We will see how it goes.


ah_2kam said...

Did't know that your shop was just about one week old when I placed an order at your site. I guess I could be your 1st customer. Very efficient and professional service that you've provided. I hope your little experiment turns out fine while I enjoy exploring my kindle. Thanks and great job!

Avatarsofsteel said...

Hope you blog again soon - only just found this site and I find your stuff rivetting!

canvas prints said...

Great read!