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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ever since I joined facebook I was overwhelmed by a large number of photos and photo albums created by my friends ( you know who you are :)). With a gazillion number of photos, photo browsing, finding and tagging became an addictive activity, and a consuming one.

For a long time I wished that facebook would  just import the picasa's ability to auto-recognize the faces and auto-tag them appropriately. I reckon that facial recognition technology shouldn't be so difficult that only Google can do it, and should be important enough for any photo-sharing-intensive sites to have it. Or else how can the users manually identify every single one of their friends in the photos?

So, I was thrilled to learn that has finally taken the challenge to autotag the faces in facebook photos. The marketing material says that employs "the most advance face recognition technology on earth". Although I can't verify the claim, but from my experience it is a very useful application that actually saves your time tremendously, unlike other pointless time-waster applications that suck away your time and serve absolutely no purpose at all ( I'm looking at you, SuperPoke! and MarketPlace). 

So, if you have facebook account, why don't you just head over to, and lets it tags you and your friends photos. I'm sure you will find it as useful as I do. 


Ray Ganong said...

Many people don't have all of their photos on a website such as Facebook. Our research has shown that less than 5% of photos that someone maintains on their hard drive actually make it to a web-sharing site. With a desktop tool called Fotobounce ( for Mac and Windows) you can tag all your photos and then upload them to Facebook pre-tagged. You can also download photos from your friends on Facebook and Flickr and keep your own copy. Don't forget that the photos you upload to Facebook are low-resolution versions of the original.

Anonymous said...

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