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Friday, January 22, 2010

Stupid Support Emails from Malaysia

Ayende just posted the stupidest support email on his blog. I took a look at the email content, and had to agree with him. Really, the email lacked even basic netiquettes, was poorly written, and was asking for heavens and earths from someone he doesn't know personally.

What a shame.

What is more embarrassing to me is that the author of that email comes from Malaysia. Yes, It is from Malaysia, my country.

It must be a gigantic failure for Malaysia's education system to produce graduates who don't even know how to ask questions. It's a bigger failure for the system to produce graduates who don't appreciate the amount of free time open source contributers have and ask for a detailed A-Z tutorial when the they can just google up the information themselves. Maybe I shouldn't be too surprised by the entire episode. I mean, what can you expect a spoonfeeding-education system to produce? An Einstein?

Just to let you know that I was a victim of Malaysia's education system as well. I couldn't forget the time in secondary school when I had to memorize all the facts in order to pass my exams and to booked a seat in college. Even in the university I crushed through the subjects by sheer memorization. The effect of regurgitation and force memorization crippled our creativity, made us unable to think for ourselves because we were trained and told that there was only one answer in the world and unless you get that answer right you are dead and that answer is the correct one and there shall be no debate on it.

This kind of spoonfeeding system has a more deleterious effect on other students, I afraid. A lot of top grade students do not know anything besides their books. And it isn't clear that they really understand the knowledge taught. I mean, even for maths and physics and engineering and computer science subjects you can score an A without understanding the material, isn't it? All you have to do is to memorize everything, leave no stone unturned. So, when it comes to the time when they are expected to do their own research, or get things done without to- to-bottom command from their superior, they flounder. Or when they are asked to solve real world problem on their own, they are stumped. Even a simple act of asking help from appropriate person in an appropriate manner is too difficult for many of them, as demonstrated above.

What a pity.

Edit: Thanks to our broken education system, the Power Distance Index (PDI, the higher the index is, the more submissive a person is to authority) for Malaysia is the highest.

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