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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Google Docs Outage

Google Docs is usually stable. But today, for four hours already, I am unable to access some of my documents.

Not all, but some. But that's enough to drive me crazy. And luckily today is not one of the days when I have to sell Google Docs to my relative ( Yes, I am Google's part time, unpaid evangelist).

A search in the Google Docs forum reveals that I am not alone in facing the outage. This is unacceptable as people depends on Google Docs for their personal docs, working docs, and even their exam notes.

But,  there is still a workaround, hopefully those who need to access their documents would somehow get a backup version of the docs.

The moral of this outage? I afraid there is no moral. You can't expect us-- I mean any mere mortal, not just yours-truly who live on the cloud-- to dutifully backup our documents to a safe space because the reason why we put our docs online in the first place is to avoid doing the backup. I think we just have to take it as it is, that such an outage is indeed regrettable, and there is nothing we can do to forestall it from happening, and there is nothing we can do to minimize such an unfortunate event.

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