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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Should I Get a New Domain Name and New Blog?

I wrote my second post about two years ago, and in these two years the blog has achieve some readership ( about 250+ Google Reader subscribers, don't believe the number of subscribers reported by feedburner-- it's not accurate), hit, hacker news, dzone, dotnetkicks and other news aggregator websites homepage a few times and help me collect my first cheque from Google. Not bad for a simple blog that doesn't even have a proper domain name.

But I think time has come for me to do some serious reflection on this blog. If this blog were to grow-- and if I were to continually invest in my blogging effort, mostly for the purpose of self entertainment and maybe a bit of publicity-- I would need to give the blog a proper URL, not a subdomain at And also, I need a customizable backend and frontend, basically this means that I would have self-host a WordPress blog engine ( Sorry, .Net based blog engines such as are totally out of .question because the plugins are not as many and the hosting cost is substantially more expensive).

Now, let me list down the pros and cons of getting a new domain name and a new blogging engine:


  1. More professional
  2. If I am not doing it now, it will be harder for me to do it next time.
  3. An SEO friendly URL has a greater chance of drawing in more traffic from search engines.
  4. Easier customization

  1. I would lose my readership. Not everyone would bother to rebookmark or resubscribe, I know
  2. I would lose Google PageRank. I have to garden my blog from the start
  3. I would need to setup a lot of things
  4. Need to shell out at least RM135 per year for the blog ( about 40 USD per year)
  5. Lose the remaining Google Adsense earning
What do you think? Leave a comment here or vote at my blog!


Krish said...

It is never too late to make the switch. But here is how you do it.

Buy the domain name through Blogger in Google itself. This will ensure that Blogger will redirect all your URL links to the right URLs.

When/if you move to WordPress, make sure that the new URLs match the old ones, especially the ".html" endings.

Use 403 redirects with WordPress and install a 404 plugin to understand if some links are broken.

Google Reader subscribers should not be affected as long as you can redirect the URL for the RSS feed to a Feedburner RSS feed, the only hassle being that Feedburner would probably dump all the old posts in the blog reader. But that is a one-time thing.

Anonymous said...

If you still care about the Pagerank, don't bother buying money. You're so last century and eventually everyone will ditch you, so why pay extra for a domain name.

If you do have a strong user base and readers care about what you read, switching to your new domain name will seem just as breathing air.

webraptorhosting said...
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Helen Neely said...

This is the same dilemma that I'm facing right now. I also have a blogger account and have seen my traffic and earning increase over the last couple of months. Now, I'm considering getting my own domain but worried that my readership would fall as well as my blog income.

What I have decided to do now is get a domain and start posting there while posting an excerpt from it to my blogger account with links back to the main domain.

Try this and see if it helps.
Good luck