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Friday, August 21, 2009

tipjoy is dead; long live tipjoy

tipjoy is a micropayment web service. The idea is that if you see something you like, but you are not feeling that the item deserves a paypal contribution, you can use tipjoy to send them a penny of your money. 

Great concept, but sadly it doesn't work. 

tipjoy is closing down, maybe due to current economic downturn where the funds are drying up, or maybe the concept micropayment can never work on the web, we don't know.

I used tipjoy on my blog, and I didn't receive a single cent of donation. That maybe is a testament on how hard this kind of business model is.

1 comment:

The Consumer said...

Intereting. I too thought the idea was good, planned to launch such a website before I knew about TipJoy. Looks like surfers have casted their votes: don't expect our tips.