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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Best Phone Model You Prefer?

My old phone, Dopod 838 is showing the sign of aging. So I am thinking about replacing it.

Here are my requirements:

  1. Can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook on Windows
  2. Has Wifi support ( if there is a built-in wifi access plan for this, even better)
  3. Can access Gmail, Google Docs, Buxfer and other web apps.
  4. Touch screen
Anyone has any idea?


pauldacheez said...

Get an HTC Dream or Magic, then root the thing and install CyanogenMod on it. It's beautiful. So beautiful...

Greg Harrington said...

The iPhone has Exchange push/sync support (does that satisfy your Outlook requirement?), and does all the other things.

redsolo said...

Check out the HTC Hero or HTC Magic. Ive been using my G1 for over a year, and am very pleased with it.