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Friday, May 1, 2009

How Difficult It is to Find a Decent Drupal Theme?

How difficult it is to find a decent and free Drupal theme?

Answer: very, very difficult.

I want to find a decent Drupal theme for my website, similar to something like this:
My requirements are simple, all I need are:

  1. the ability to put the login block, and the user information menu at the top of the screen.
  2. the ability to put a menu constructed using nice menu mode, at the content top area.
  3. A theme that supports both 2 and 3 column layout

Pretty simple requirements, aren't they?

So I began my quest to search for such a free template. I thought that given the popularity of Drupal, finding such a simple theme shouldn't be so difficult.

I was wrong.

True, there are a lot of free themes out there; true, those free themes look great on demo. The only thing is, when you really apply them on your websites, they suck. Either the menus are not arranged properly, or the themes aren't compatible with nice menu modules or other modules, or there isn't enough block space to hold my menus. In short, there is not a single free theme that looks great on my site, and I bet there is not a single news website can have any use of the available free Drupal theme.

So I am turning to premium drupal theme sites; they are quite a couple of Drupal theme sites, and the pricing scheme isn't cheap. The price can range from USD 70 to USD 300. For a country which per capital income is just USD 7511, such a price tag is considered pricey, to say the least. So I need to make sure that if I buy a theme, I must be able to apply it.

Unfortunately the terms and conditions of those premium Drupal sites don't inspire confidence in me. There is no such a thing as try-before-you-buy, and there is no guarantee that they will do slight modification to the theme so that it works with your site layout. In other words it seems that the them sellers don't provide technical support beyond installation help. How can you expect me to shell out my money for something that I have no confidence in?

So basically this post is a call for help. If anyone knows of a Drupal theme site that you are satisfied with, do let me know.


JeffB said...

Well buying a theme is not going to help you. Either free or purchased its going to be generic to a point, so the only real way to make generic theme look great on YOUR site is to customize it, either yourself or pay a themer to do it for you.

dt said...

I cannot find any complex Drupal themes available for free. All of the themes are lame and appear to be intended for Blogs from 2003. What is the deal? I was able to find better templates for Wordpress and Joomla. Are the theme developers being greedy? Developers please take the drug dealer approach - the first one is free, once people are hooked they will come back for more. I cannot choose to use Drupal if I can't see a robust theme in practice!