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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why Gmail is Better than Yahoo

I posted a short note on Facebook, lamenting that Gmail isn't the most popular web based email system in the universe. I thought that for those youngsters who are tech savvy enough to use Facebook, they would have the same feeling. I was wrong.

One of my friends said that "Yahoo is better because the interface is more advanced", another commented that "yahoo is much more user friendly".

And another said that Gmail is "arrogant".

Now, just to set the record straight. Let me enumerate 8 reasons why Gmail is better than Yahoo:
  1. Gmail voice chat. You can voice chat with your friends right inside Gmail. This is something that I really like. You don't have to install a separate client program on your desktop. In a world where our desktops are suffocating in the sea of gratuitous, trivial and resource hungry apps, putting on a chatting software just for the sake of chatting is the last thing I want to do. Sure, you can voice chat with your friends... via yahoo messenger. But like I said, another client program is the last thing I need.
  2. GUI Feeling. The problem with Yahoo is that it is trying too hard to emulate Outlook's Interface, on a web platform. Yahoo designers seem to forget that web apps are not desktop apps; they can and should do different, and even better things. Gmail, on the other hand, is an Exhibit A of a Web 2.0 thing. We want web apps to evolve in terms of responsiveness, interactivity and level of fun, but we don't need them to feel like desktop apps, thank you very much.
  3. Speed. Gmail is fast. Yahoo is slow. Any disputes? I can get from one Gmail message to another in no time. But Yahoo mail just isn't that fast.
  4. UI customization. Gmail has got Gmail labs. That allows you to customize your Gmail looks and feel.

    You can mold your Gmail interface to your likings. Like to customize your Gmail further? then try Mouse gestures, Title Tweaks, Google Calendar gadget, Google Docs Gadget and many more! Yahoo mail is just too uniform, there is no taste in it.
  5. Search. Google is synonymous with search; the search in Gmail is simply top-notched. I never worry that my information will get lost in the sea of emails, because I know that I can retrieve anything by just typing in the relevant keywords. Who's using Yahoo for search nowadays?
  6. AJAX. You don't have to refresh your inbox to get new messages. Isn't that great? And when the "Reply" button is hit a reply form comes out instantaneously. Gmail blends AJAX perfectly to give users maximum user experience. Yahoo, on the other hand, uses a lot of AJAX as well. But the problem is that the AJAX in Yahoo doesn't increase the snappiness of the pages. Although the main Yahoo Inbox page employs a lot of AJAX tricks, but the reply and email composition is still very web 1.0. Oh yes, you can try to delete a Yahoo mail by right clicking on that mail and press "delete". Pretty AJAX, huh? I did try to do that, once. Only to surrender the operation when the popup menu took more than one second to load.
  7. Threaded Conversation. Email conversation needs to be grouped. Or else how do you survive the onslaught of inflowing emails? Thread is a great way to organize your emails and make them accessible, readable and understandable. I don't want my main page to be dominated by just a single line of conversation, which was always happening inside my Yahoo mail box.
  8. Spam Protection. I don't get spam in my Gmail inbox, even though I published my gmail address on this blog, on forums and on a lot of places. But I still get spams in my yahoo inbox even though I don't publish yahoo email address at all.
So, my friend, if you are seeing this and you still are not switching to Gmail, you owe me an explanation.


allen said...

heh! google lover. :D

Moran said...

Nice article soon

I agree Gmail is definitely better

Aaron said...

Gmail= God.... I switched from Yahoo last weekend. It was the best thing I ever did.

Emmma said...

I never chose Ymal or Yahoo until now. Guess what, i deleted it. NO PERSONAL CHOICES. HARD. NOT FUNNN.

Emmma said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but GMails spam filter is rubbish. It's overzealous and you can't disable it...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gmail's interface is not as user-friendly as Yahoo's. Gmail is a better option for people who use it for heavy daily email volumes, for techies who are interested in exploring features, or for people with too much time on their hands. Yahoo is a better option for people who just want a backup email program for home. It's simple and easy to use. I created folders on Yahoo Mail over the years for just about everything (purchase confirmations, payment confirmations, topic backups, backups from certain users, etc.). I've got about 30 folders created. The spam filer is sufficient for most users. It's all about the interface for the masses or business professionals who value time. I don't care what anyone says...GMAIL takes longer to load than Yahoo Mail. I'm not sure what it is with Google apps these days. Google maps takes so long that I'm slowly switching to Bing...and I HATE MS.

Anonymous said...

I just created a Gmail account and I love it! My yahoo account is strictly for back up or for junk email from online vendors