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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Create a menu link to a particular node type (content type)

I play with Drupal, an open source CMS recently. It's quite a comprehensive CMS.

One thing that really bugs me is how to create a menu link to a particular node type. This is very useful if you allow users to submit information and display those information in your website.

I found out how to do this here. But unfortunately I couldn't make a head or tail out of this. So I google further and this is what I found, a video tutorial. This tutorial is very useful if you are using Drupal 6.

In order to help those who are having the same problem, I am going to list down the steps on how to create a menu link. Here you go:

  1. Download view module, install it. 
  2. Go to Administrator->view, click on the link
  3. Click Add
  4. Choose a view name, and type in a description. Set the View type to be node, and click next.
  5. You will get a page with lots of information to fill in. It's very daunting and you can get lost easily.

  6. Select the Style to be HTML style, choose the Fields to be Node: Title
  7. Choose the Filters to be Node: Type
  8. Go to Filters, choose Node: Type, At the Configure Filter Node: Type there, select the operator is one of, and node type: vehicle, where the vehicle is the content type you want to point to

  9. At the add display there, add Page and Block to it.
  10. Go to Page, set Path to vehicle, and the menu to Tab: VehicleMenu, as shown below

  11. Click Save.
  12. Now, go to Administrator->Site Building-Menus, click Add Item, set the path to be "vehicle", and give any description you want. Click Save.

  13. You will see that the vehicle is appearing on the menu!
  14. Go to Administrator->site building->block, put the vehicle menu on the right sidebar, and you will find that the side bar is now filled with vehicle menu!

That's it!

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