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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Microsoft Acknowledged the Bug I Report! But then Chose to Not to Fix It.

So, I reported the set attribute at runtime bug to Microsoft. But Microsoft has chosen not to fix it. Typical experience in dealing with a jaggernaut.

A bit of background. I reported the bug two days ago. And the UIFx team reproduced and acknowledged the problem today. But two hours later the case was marked with "won't fix", with no explanation

What irked me so much was not the "won't fix" decision. As a software developer myself, I understand that all the software teams have their priorities, and can choose what to fix and what not to.

What really upset me was there was no explanation of that decision. Certainly it isn't so difficult to write down why you don't fix a bug to your customer. But Microsoft fails to do that, I can only speculate the possible reasons:

  1. It's not their policy to explain why bugs are not fixed
  2. They don't like me
  3. They don't like the bug
  4. The bug is too trivial to justify explanation
  5. They have so many bugs that they don't have the time to explain one by one why this is so or not so.
But this is also a good lesson in technical support. This incident should remind me to always explain the rational of my resolution of a case to other people. You might not care about the explanation, but other people do, and they can make noises if they are not happy.

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