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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Search Digg, Reddit, MSN, Yahoo, DZone directly from Google Chrome Address Bar

Google Chrome is a new web browser. It's light, it's fast and it's easy-to-use. I really love it .

I discovered one particular nice feature in the recent developer build ( Instead of going to the sites to search the content, or using site: to find the information that you need, now you can search them directly from the Google Chrome address bar. The sites that support this function includes Digg , Reddit , Live , Yahoo , DZone and other sites that I probably haven't discover. 

To try this feature, you need to have Google Chrome ( or later installed. Currently it's still in developer build so you probably have to download the Google Chrome Channel chooser to set your Chrome to be of the developer version.

After that, upgrade your build to the latest one. Restart Google Chrome.

Now let the fun begins.

Go to the address bar, type in The address bar will ask you to press tab in order to search directly for the query.

Press Tab, and type in a query you want to search.

And you are taken to the search page of Reddit!

You can repeat similar steps for other websites such as Digg, MSN, Yahoo. I am sure this feature is handy for those who need to find their information on a certain sites, but are too lazy to type in sophisticated query operators.

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