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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Open Existing Project in Eclipse

Opening existing project in Eclipse is not as straightforward as in Visual Studio, becuase Eclipse treats project on folder basis, and there is no project file as far as it is concerned, unlike Visual Studio, so one can't click on a project file to open all the files that are located inside a folder.

This creates a problem if your website is never a part of the Eclipse workspace and now you want to work on it in Eclipse.

In order to solve this problem you first have to bring in the project into your Eclipse workspace.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

First, you click on File->New-> PhP Project, Or any other project such as Python or Perl. You will have to manually tell Eclipse that you are going to work on this project by creating a new Eclipse Project in the Explorer.

Then, you have to go to File->Import, and choose the File System option:
Select the directory where your files are located and the input Folder, which is phpTestImport in this case:

Click Finish, and the file is imported!

And now you can do your editing in Eclipse!

Troublesome? I think so.


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for this :)

Anonymous said...

gr8 help for beginners to eclipse like me
was eagerly searching for this

Yauhen Yakimovich said...

well, there exists completely alternative solution, nonetheless - fully compatible with common sense.

Assuming you are under linux and your eclipse workspace path is default.

>cd ~/workspace
>ln -s <full_path_to_external_project>

(exchange <full_path_to_external_project> with your own)

Now create a new project in eclipse with the same name as your new symlink. That's it.

For professional windows guru the use of junction is hirely recommended.

Anonymous said...

thanks !!

nisim761 said...

in eclipse java EE (the first link to download on the eclipse website), i don't have the option of creating a php \ phyton \ perl project..

Anonymous said...

On my project type (Nios II), creating a new project takes several minutes. This is my first day using eclipse, and I have to say, it freaking sucks because of this. I'd rather use visual studio, and I haven't said that about any IDE in my life (and I never thought I would).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Eclipse really sucks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this, really helped me :)

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot!
u saved a lot of my time i would have been struggling for it!

naith_kk said...

just a question, how do i import an existing xampp joomla site into eclipse on the same directory? this method shows importing files so do i have to set the workspace on the level below the directory for this to work? or is there another method of importing?

moldrien said...

Thanks a lot for this. It seems that there is a (weird) way to open an existing project, but I still have a question, what is the utility of Main menu -> project -> open project option? I always have it in grey (not accesible) mode.

Thanks again

moldrien said...

I answer myself:
The "Open project" option is to open a project that has been closed, BUT it's still visible in the project explorer area.
Quite uncommon use of words that causes confussion, in my humble opinion.


Santi said...

hi, now it's very easy:

File->Import->General->Existing Projects into Workspace

And select the root folder where is the project, and OK!


mr.j05hua said...

all you have to do is copy your old projects into your new project folder then in the eclipse project explorer pane, right click and choose import, the wizard will bring up a menu, you pick existing projects, then locate the main folder and click finish. it will open right up with all files there

James said...

Nice post. I had the same doubt. I found my answer here

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Mahendran said...

I have my project in workspace itself
When I import it shows folder already in hierarchy. Is that any other way then moving project outside workspace and get it back.

amit said...

Hi all

This is stupid, why not move the project away from workspace and import again.

Is is difficult to cut paste???


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot dude..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks man

Anonymous said...

Great point regarding Eclipse vs. Visual Studio. I work in C# and now on an Android project I am thinking how come this project will not open.... now I know. Thanks!

WindowsPistha said...

Thanks SANTI !
It worked for me.

JiaJing WANG said...