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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Google Adsense for Feeds is Not Working-- and How to Fix it

When Google Adsense for Feeds first came out I took a look at it  and tried to get it working. I did not succeed . But now, I am happy to report that it is finally working. Here are the steps that you can try should you run into the same problem as mine.

First of all, you have to add Google Adsense to your feeds . If everything works after that, then congratulation, you need to read no further.

But if you are like me, still struggling to find the appearance of the advertisement after doing everything. Then proceed with the following steps:
  1. Log into your feedburner account at 
  2. Select the feed title, choose publicize tab.

  3. Select the FeedCount, get a chicklet that displays the number of current subscribers. Only the readers who subscribe through this chicklet will be able to see the advertisement.

  4. Paste the chicklet on your blog. The problem with not using feedburner to manage subscription is that now I have 0 readers, according to the stats. So you have to rebuild your reader count. But don't worry, you have not lost those who subscribe to your blog via other widget such as AddThis .
  5. Now, unsubscribe your own blog. Yes, do it.
  6. Resubscribe to your blog by clicking on the Chicklet. Now you are subscribing to your own blog via FeedBurner and you should be able to see the advertisement in your feed.

  7. Wait for a few hours.
  8. Log in to your Google Adsense account, you should see that there are page impressions. This indicates that the Google Adsense for Feeds are successfully setup!

Note that, you need to be a feedburner subscriber in order to see the advertisement.Those who already subscribe to your blog, but not via feedburner won't see the advertisement. You will ask whether it's possible for Google to migrate its spartan "Subscribe to" link to feedburner so that those who subscribe via that link can get the advertisement.

Maybe it is possible, just maybe. But Google needs to do some work on that, I guess. 


Casey Everly said...

I'm having trouble as of today, don't know why all of the sudden this popped up. I will follow your suggestion. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Blogger said...

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