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Friday, December 12, 2008

Google Chrome-- Beta No More!

Google Chrome finally moves out of beta!

Compare to Gmail , Google Reader or other Google products, the time frame of Google Chrome got out of beta is relatively short. I believe that this is a part of Google's grand strategy to continue dominating its web presence. The very existance of Google Chrome has less to do with the ambition of Google to dominate the web browser market but has more to do with its goal to glue everyone to the web. Google Chrome boasts a better, fast Javascript engine and this will spur further innovation in the web browser.  This will in turn, encourage more and more applications to run on the web, instead of desktop. It doesn't really matter whether Google will earn a sizable share of web browsers; as long as it can move the browsers technology forward that's already considered as an accomplishment. The more time people spend on the web, the more likely they will use the search and hence click on the advertisement. In other words Google encrouches into the desktop applications in order to protect its web market share from being eroded by Microsoft or other competitors.

Which is why Google needs to roll out Chrome fast; so that the OEMs can directly install Chrome on new machines. This is helpful for Chrome to increase its market share and apply greater pressures on other browsers to innovate. 

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