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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Can't find assembly for project-- Problem with

I installed NUnit 2.5 beta and 2.18 today on my personal PC. But no tests were loaded when I ran my tests. The error message was "Can't find assembly for project *".

This is a very weird problem, as I didn't have any problem with the previous version of NUnit and Why it occurred was something of mystery. Luckily Google found the solution for me. According to this website , the reason for this happening is because my test project was contained in a directory that has invalid character, such as '#'. 

So I move my project from "D:\C#Test\Project" to "D:\MyTest\Project", and ran the tests again. This time the problem went away! 

I think this is a's bug, as running in NUnit runner won't give me this error. I am going to report this issue to Jamie Cansdale and hopefully he will solve this problem ASAP. 
My environment: VS 2008, Windows XP 32 bit.

P/S: The problem is fixed in TestDriven.Net 2.18. 2294, thanks, Jamie. 

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