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Monday, December 29, 2008

10 Popular Posts in Year 2008

As 2008 is coming to an end, it's time to do some reflection. This blog has been active for 14 months, there are good pieces, normal pieces and the no-so-popular pieces. But in times such as this, it's good if I can just recap the the popular ones and forget the not so popular ones.

Here are the most popular posts, in ascending order, as measured by Google Analytics .

Now, a little bit about Top Content vs. Time, I'll let the below image does the talking:

As one can see, the traffics were not smoothen out throughout the year. To borrow a phrase from finance, the traffic was volatile.It seems most traffic came from a few special days when I received a spike of visitors. Those were the days when my posts made it to the front page of  Reddit or Hacker News . I also drew quite a portion of traffic from dotnetkicks and dzone. On normal days when my posts were not on anywhere, the traffic was low, an indication of the fact that search engines didn't draw too much traffic here.

So, that's it for 2008. Hopefully 2009 I can come out with more quality posts to keep everyone entertained!

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