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Monday, November 3, 2008

Windows Azure, I am Waiting

Windows Azure is Microsoft's answer to Google App Engine , and now it's opened to the selected developers. However, the details are still sketchy at best. 

Having dabbled into Google App Engine for quite some time, I am eager to try out Windows Azure, another cloud computing platform. However, unlike Google App Engine that supports only Python , Windows Azure applications are built on top of the .Net framework . This means that the whole rich .Net framework, along with the VS IDE, third party add-ins and unit testing tools are fully available during development time. This is a welcoming news for me, as I am primary a .Net developer . 

Developing Google App Engine applications was quite an experience for me. But besides the ability to set the applications on the loose and let the word use them as soon as they are ready , I didn't find a lot of saving points in Google App Engine. Maybe because I didn't know enough about Python , or maybe I wasn't familiar with Django framework , or maybe because the Python IDE was crappy, I couldn't develop as fast as I could in Google App Engine than in .Net framework.

Now, with Windows Azure, I think I can seriously writing apps for cloud platform, full speed. 

If anyone knows how to be invited as beta testers, do let me know. I am eager to try Windows Azure out.

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