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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Potential JQuery Intellisense's Bug

For the past few days I was wrestling with my VS 2008 IDE, in order to get the JQuery Intellisense to work. It was a very hard battle for me.

For those who want to play with JQuery intellisense in VS 2008, you have to read this Scott Gu's post and follow every steps inside there. However I still couldn't get my Intellisense after following every step. So out of desperation, I turned to StackOverflow for help , and you can see yourself how helpful the SOers were.

Today I am determined to get the Intellisense to work, after some tweaking, I found that how I reference the JQuery file determines whether the Intellisense work or not. If I use

 ///< reference path = "jquery-1.2.6.js"/> 

Then the Intellisense won't work, but if I use
 /// <reference path="jquery-1.2.6.js"/> 

Then the intellisense will work.

Amazing? Sure it is. I think this is an Intellisense bug. Anyone cares to report it to Microsoft?

Here's a screenshot of my achievement:


Anonymous said...

you have to follow xml syntax.. -_-'

fadzlan said...

Of course you cant.

The first bracket and the tagname HAS to be consecutive, with no space between them. This also applies to HTML (although modern browsers are much more forgiving than they should)