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Friday, October 31, 2008

Impressions on Resharper

I downloaded Resharper , thanks to the recommendation from StackOverflowers . Here are the things that I like:

  1. Compare to Visual Assist X , It is much more intelligent in terms of code refactoring and Intellisense. This is definitely good as I am constantly refactoring my code to achieve better design
  2. It has a built-in test runner. This is good, but since I have TestDriven.Net  already, this feature isn't very useful. 
  3. It has code analysis! I like this because it tells me which part of the source code is dead code, and which part of the code has potential bugs. 
  4. Resharper is intelligent enough to suggest object initialization under appropriate situation. 
In many ways, Resharper is a few times better than Visual Assist X. However, there are things I don't like:

  1. It suggests me to use var keyword for local scope variables. But I see no point in switching to var if I can spell out the type clearly. Fortunately Resharper allows you to configure this . 
  2. It is slow even on a machine with 3.5G memory and Intel dual core! As much as I like Resharper, I probably have to drop it because I can't use it in my project! Just to illustrate, I need to wait a full 5 seconds for the code completion to show the suggestions. As a result the Intellisense is rendered useless because no one can wait that long for code completion. My project is an upgraded .Net 1.1 C# project that has a big, gigantic form class with a lot of variables and methods and that probably slow down Resharper ( This is not my fault; I merely inherit the code from other people, I hate messy code . )  But the point is the VS is now so slow that I can barely type at all. This alone negates all the benefits brought by Resharper. 
Resharper is an excellent tool; but it is either so memory or CPU hungry that it is working at the expense of my development pleasure. I think I have to find a solution out or simply drop it in favor of other similar tools.

Any ideas?


Lior Friedman said...

Too many people are working with R# so i would guess that this is some sort of a defect. you can try contacting JetBrains support they might be able to shed light on the matter. However R# is a memory hungry tool.

Anther option that you might want to consider is using code rush by Dev express. its a good alternative and i heard that they have just released a free version that can be used.

Soon Hui said...

Thanks Lior,

I've just filed a report to them. Hopefully will receive a good news soon :)