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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome

I thought I would never need another web browser after Firefox.

How wrong I was.

Google Chrome is definitely blowing me away. When I first saw the news I told myself I didn't need it. After downloading it and giving it a try I had to fight the temptation using it in my daily browsing and work.

I failed, which is why you see me blogging about it here.

Guys, especially those of you who are browsing sites with heavy AJAX stuff, do give Google Chrome a try! It can render JavaScript faster. Not only that, the UI is slick and enticing. The program startup time is faster. Not only that, you can use the address bar as an entry point to your favourite search engine!

Oh wait, I am not supposed to tell you how great it is, for a try is worth for then a thousand words! So, do yourself a favor, go to the download website, download it and try it yourself!


Mantas said...

I dont know, is it only for me, but to search from address bar you can quite long time from maxthon, firefox (when you write more than 1 word) and opera..?
Why is this presented as new feature? :)

Soon Hui said...

HI mantas,

I didn't have any problem, nor experience any lagging when trying to search from address bar.

As to why this is presented as a new feature.. well, I think it is a new feature because I never seen this before. My exposure prior to this was limited to firefox and IE, so maybe this feature was already available to other web browsers :)

Mantas said...

Thats what I trying to say..
Firefox already has a feature to search from address bar... quite long ago.. :)
Just try with more than one word (separated by space) in address bar in firefox.

Soon Hui said...

I see, I didn't use it, so didn't notice it :)