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Monday, July 28, 2008

Cuil, Google Killer?

Suddenly, everyone is talking about Cuil ( pronounced as 'Cool'), as if it's the best thing under the sun.The press would like to have us believe that Cuil is another Google Killer, nevermind the fact that they have predicted so many Google killers in the past and none of the predictions came true; Google is still the giant to beat and its grip on the search engine market is only growing stronger, not weaker despite challenges from Microsoft and Yahoo and numerous start-ups.

I gave Cuil a try. The first keyword I used was the title of this Blog "It's common sense, stupid". Being not so humble, I hoped that of course, Cuil will return this blog as the first result., well at least that was Google's result. Unfortunately, it didn't. In fact it didn't appear on the first page of the results.

Dejected, I typed my name into the search box, and press search. This time, I was presented with the below wonderful message that explained why on earth I am a nobody:

See, there wasn't a single page that had the keywords "soon hui" on Cuil's index, despite the fact Cuil's index is 3 times as big as Google's.

What if you want to download .net 3.5 Framework? You can try that on Cuil. I won't comment on the result. You will understand why when you see it yourself.

Cuil is not a good search engine. The only saving point is that the presentation is a break from the monotonous Google Style presentation that infests so many search engines, which has only one single result column with advertisement on its right. At least Cuil reminds me that we are still living in a diversified world.


Tomáš Kramár said...

It seems cuil won't find any results if your query contains a '.' character. Just try searching for .net, or .com.

And the images it displays.. They are more fun than useful.

Add to it google search operators and they are gone.

jeetz said...

CUIL sucks.... simply.... and then, there index is the worst of all those so called Google Killers, like Powerset, Wisenut, or

Li said...

I totally agree, wasn't going to write anything on Cuil, until my friend pointed out yesterday it wasn't even ranking for

I took screen shots and posted about it today, looks like they fixed that issue though. Still seems REALLY STUPID to launch a product like this, claim to be a google killer cuz you have an ex-google employee as a founder, and you don't even rank for your own domain name .... just LAME. Big PR screw up for them.

I've got it on (you linked to my WikiaSearch article) if you're interested. :)

Thanks for including the article to SMG.