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Friday, June 6, 2008

Technorati Link Calculator

I blogged about the Technorati Link Calculator sometime ago. Basically it's just a calculator to show a blog's imcoming links as determined by Technorati, a famous blog search engine.

I have put the code on Google code. But then the calculator is only available to those who install Python. Now, thanks to Google, which provides free hosting for apps written in Python, I can now upload the calculator onto the web via Google App Engine. So, you can now check the links on your blog on a website. No installation, nothing. Just a simple url and you can know your Technorati Authority.

Oh wait, since the site is still in beta, so now you can only see my blog's link. But in the near future ( I mean, real near), you can check yours by just supplying your Technorati API key and your blog's url. "Near future" has arrived: you can now check your blog's link. Still, the Html is still very bare-boned, but I think the essential stuff is there.

How useful is this website? Actually, not very. It's just to satisfy a blogger's curiosity. Bloggers feel good when they see that a lot of people links to their websites. Well, this calculator will enable them to see where does all the incoming links come from. It is also a useful tool to verify the correctness of your Technorati Authority, especially at the time when Technorati service is unstable.

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