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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Diablo 3 is Here, Finally

Blizzard confirms Diablo 3!. Click here for trailers!

More pictures:

I shouldn't be blogging about a game, really. I have a lot of topics to write on, such as unit testing on Google App Engine, on Automated UI test, a report on the RedditClone that I'm working on, an interesting post on human psychology and investment, or even about Joey Wong. But today, ladies and gentlemen, all these topics must give way to Diablo 3, the ultimate hack-and-slash RPG game.

My love-hate relationship with Diablo started 10 years ago, at the time when Diablo 1 was released. When it was released I got a copy of it instantly, and was hooked within 10 minutes into playing. The game play was so simple, so addictive and so powerful that I spent lots of time playing it even though I shouldn't. Because of this I was berated by my parents ( Teenagers are not supposed to play games, you know? Now go and get yourself a girlfriend-- Oops, I mean, read books!). Those were the good old days, when I was studying secondary school.

Like other Diablo fans, I didn't miss the Diablo 2. At that time I was in university-- and I didn't have a computer. But when you are enthusiastic about something normally you won't be hindered by just this little problem, would you? So I went to my friend's house, everyday just to spend a couple of hours to play the game. I didn't go into the multiplayer mode-- I am not that hardcore, I admit-- but I would still call myself a Diablo fan because in unversity I've stopped playing computer games, except, of course the Diablo 2.

Now, after 10 years the first game was released, finally, Diablo 3 is under development! The game wouldn't be around soon, I suspect. Because Blizzard has the nasty habit of announcing a game a few years before it was delivered into the hands of the gamers. But still, I am on an eager lookout for it.

But this time I might not have the luxury to play games. No time. Really. My personal projects, my blogs, my books and my relationship have consumed all of my free time. It was easy to hack monsters when you have none of the commitments, but when you have your hands full, you have to let go of something in order to take up swords again.

To Diablo or not to Diablo, that's the question.

Free advice?


Sashko said...

So, before the release, you have a couple of years to complete your personal projects, leave job, or leave girl. Hard choice, man, isn't it ? ;-)

Soon Hui said...

sashko, yeah, that's really a hard choice :)