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Sunday, May 18, 2008

ASP.NET MVC with VS 2008 SP1 Beta

Eager to try out ASP.NET MVC? Then you probably didn't miss the excellent series by Scott Gu. Or you might have already tried out Brad Abrams version which utilizes ADO.NET Entity Framework in data layer.

As far as the source code is concerned, you have Scott Gu's version on CodePlex, and you have Brad Abrams' version attached at the end of his post. But wait, Brad's version is written for MVC preview 1, which is not compatible with MVC preview 2 released a few months ago ( This is the nature of beta), and it's not compatible with the latest VSP 2008 SP1 beta. (I tried to compile the ADO.NET Entity Framework class and I failed. In the end I had to redo the class using the latest designer)

Eager to learn a thing or two about ASP.NET MVC, I've put together a Brad MVC version that is compatible with:
  1. Visual Studio SP1 beta
  2. MVC Preview 2
at Google Code. You can have a try if you are interested in ASP.NET MVC and ADO.NET Entity framework.

Oh yes, the VS 2008 SP1 beta download and installation is going to be massive. Before the installation, make sure that you
  1. Uninstall Silverlight tools
  2. Uninstall the hotfix KB949325
  3. Uninstall all the old ADO.NET entity framework.
It can be a very frustrating experience, but luckily I was spared of this ordeal. But I am not sure about you. So, good luck!


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