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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Minor Updates, New Sections

My blog underwent some overhaul last few days. Can you spot the changes?

Instead of a Google search textbox appearing at the top of all posts, now I have "Search In Blog" textbox. "Search In Blog" is a new feature introduced by Blogger ( it's only available via that helps you to do customized searches. I tried it and I loved it absolutely. Unfortunately I can't describe my feeling in writing. You can give it a try to see what I mean.

Besides that, I've also improve my label cloud. Previously the labels are sorted according to the number of posts, in descending order. But the whole layout was not appealing. Even worse, the aesthetic values seemed to decrease exponentially over time. Finally I could bear with it no more and sorted the labels in alphabetical order. This should result in a better view of the blog page itself, hopefully.

Finally, there is one more important change that I have not mentioned. I introduced a new section to my blog. See whether you can find it or not? In the mean time, let me serve you some vegetables:


Don't cheat please, please spend sometime finding the change OK?

No? Give up already?

Starting from today, I put a "My personal projects" section at the top of the tag cloud. Basically it is just a collection of links that connect to my personal programming projects. Since I do some programming at home, I've decided to share them with the world. Currently only two projects are available:
  1. Post Fix Calculator (Python)
  2. A Simple Inventory System (C#)
Through these projects I hope that I can contribute to the programming community. I am extremely thankful to live in an age where Internet connection is ubiquitous and programming materials, tutorials, code samples and articles are freely available. I have benefited enormously from them. As a responsible netizen, it's time for me to give back something.

So, do go ahead and download the programs, if you would just like to play with them. Should you have any suggestions or bug reports, I would be extremely glad to hear them out.

Thank you!


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Soon Hui said...

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