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Friday, April 25, 2008

Hpbpro.exe Consumes 100% CPU Usage!

Here is just a tip to help those whose computers exhibit the following symptoms:
  1. The computer is exceedingly slow after the screen saver is launched.
  2. The Task Manager shows that a Hpbpro.exe consumes 100% of the CPU usage ( or 50%, if a dual-core computer is used)
Congratulations, you must have installed a hp printer driver which is buggy and memory leaking. Well, at least this Hpbpro.exe is not a virus, or a malware or a spyware. It will only slow your computer down exceedingly, at most.

How to solve this problem?

According to this website, you have to disable the StatusClient and hpbpsttp in the startup in System Configuration Utility.
To do that, you must
  1. go to start->run, type in msconfig
  2. Choose the Startup tab, look for StatusClient and hpbpsttp services, verify that they have their location in "C:ProgramFiles\Hewlett-Packard" folder, and untick them.
  3. Then restart your computer
This solves my Hpbpro problem, and I hope that it will solve yours as well.


Bob Stein said...

This was VERY helpful. My symptom was fits and starts in youtube videos. (Rough guess the video would freeze for 2 seconds out of every 15 seconds, then resume in real time skipping over the 2 seconds of content. I didn't measure, these numbers are a guess.) It sure was annoying. In the task manager process list I noticed HPBPRO.EXE tasks popping in and out with huge CPU hits when they did. Googling about it I found this post. After disabling those two startups the videos run smooth.

I have a lot HP printers (Photosmart 8250, Designjet 130, Color LaserJets 9500, 4550) in Windows 2000, so I'm sure HOPING they still work right.


Soon Hui said...

Hi bob,

it's great to hear that my post solved your problem. In fact one of the good thing about Internet is that we can share tips and tricks...

Jerry S. said...

Two years later and it's still helping. I've recently had an issue where the window I was working in would constantly be deselected (makes playing games and even just writing an email difficult). LIke Bob, I noticed hpbrpo popping up in the task manager, yahooed (didn't use google) it and found your blog. Found it and deselected it in msconfig, including a couple of other things I've been trying to get rid of for a years, and it seems to have solved the problem. Love the internet and people who post their experiences to help others. Thanks.

Primated said...

Even now in 2014, this post helped.