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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Technorati's Front Page Login Doesn't Work!

Maybe it's time for Technorati to get some serious help. I couldn't log into it since yesterday. I clicked on the sign in button at the homepage, entered my user name and password. Instead of presenting me with my customized homepage, Technorati presented me with the general homepage. Login failed, what a let down!

This is not the first time I have problems with Technorati, however. I once had a difficulty in getting Technorati to index my post, even though the pinging was always successful. I contacted the technical support at the forum, the admin solved the problem (temporary, as it turned out) for me by manually adjusting the system. Not long after that the same old problem appeared again and I needed to contact the admin again and he (she?) adjusted the system to make the indexing worked. Not long after that I encountered this same old issue again...and the cycle repeated.

Finally admin suggested me to change my post feed to full, and for a moment I thought that the advice was working because I could see my posts all fully indexed. But a few days after, the pinging service stopped functioning, and I had to ping Technorati manually in order to let Technorati indexed my latest posts.

I don't quite understand why Technorati had so much problems, why was it so difficult to get the pinging and indexing work, and why the admin needed to manually adjust the system? Is that the price to pay for being too famous, too big and too rich?

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