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Thursday, March 6, 2008

IE 8 Beta is Out!

In a surprising move, Microsoft released IE 8 Beta yesterday. It is a lot more standard-compliant if compared with previous versions.

It took Microsoft 2 years to go from IE 7 beta 1to IE 8 beta 2, but it took Microsoft 5 full years to go from IE 6 to IE 7.

Why suddenly Microsoft became so agile with its next generation browser?

I guess everyone knows the reason. Although IE still commands the majority browser market share, but it is steadily losing grounds to other browsers such as Firefox. When IE 7 was released, Microsoft hoped that it could be a Firefox killer. But the fact turned out that IE 7 was no match for Firefox. So Microsoft needs another iteration in order to stay in the game. With the release date of Firefox 3.0 no way in sight, Microsoft hopes to capitalize on this opportunity to regain back some of its market share.

I haven't try IE 8 yet. Maybe I would try it when I had the time. Meanwhile, I will stick to Firefox and all its wonderful extensions.

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