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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cannot Save Google Presentation to a Local PC!

Can you believe it?

The exhibit A of web 2.0, the so-called Next Generation Office, the Google Office simply does not allow one to download its powerpoint killer-- Google Presentation to a local PC!

It must be a silly joke. For the longest time, we were taught that the minimum requirement for a new startup application to eat away the share of the old, established bloatware is to provide backward compatibilities with the old software. Or else how are you going to get all the converts? The Established Ones are there in the market; it has got a large group of loyal customers, die hard customers. These customers can't be simply be converted. Even if the startup can get them to try the new apps, the majority market won't bulge even a bit.

Can't communicate between the old app's format and the new? Then please oh please, don't get me to use the new app!

Even the evil Microsoft understands this, which is why while Microsoft Word 2007 saves your documents in the new .docx format, it can still understand and work on the old .doc format successfully. If you want to use Microsoft Word 2003 to open the new .docx file, even though the old Word 2003 doesn't support it, you can install a plug-in to the old Word and get it running.

The same goes for competing software. That's why almost all of the aspiring Microsoft Word competitors or the not-so-aspiring ones allow one to save the document as a Microsoft Word document. It's a David vs. Goliath match. You need to allow the users to convert to the industry de-factored standards.

But apparently Google Presentation is a whole different breed than other Davids. Since it was introduced it never allowed one to save in Microsoft PowerPoint format. All it used to offered was to be able to the presentation file save as a zip file. So if you needed to demo your Google Presentation slides you needed to extract the zip file and ran it in a web browser. Not very convenient, but it still got the job done.

Now...a change was made. You still can't save in PowerPoint format, which is bad enough in itself.

But this is not the worst news.

The worst news is that you can't even save in html format, packaged in a zip file.

As a compensation, you can now save in PDF and text format.

Hello? Saving presentation slides in PDF or text format?

I want to demo my work, so I show my clients PDF files? What are they going to think of me?

PDF files bring back the memory of school days, not sales, mind you. Please have some sense, I beg you?

And what good can saving into text files do? Oh yes, I can tell one, to prevent computer virus. But who can be impressed by a bland, colorless, senseless, pictureless text presentation?

For a company that searches your need with an instant speed and increasing accuracy, that knows what you are querying even though you haven't spell the whole requirement, producing an application that is lacking in the most basic need is totally disgusting, and that's the nicest word I can come up with.

What about the not-so-nice word?



Anonymous said...

Google is incredbily overrated. They hire very very smart people, but they make all of their money with advertising.
I think apart from the search engine and google maps, most things are unusable.

Soon Hui said...

I think apart from the search engine and google maps, most things are unusable.

I am very upset about this. I once hoped that Google Office can supplant Microsoft Office one day. Maybe my hope is just a mirage.

Anonymous said...

No free lunch under the sun anymore yeah? :) In the past, part of project is to create what today what we have, one-Care by microsoft, which cares for everything, and of course to curb the infringement of copyright. Copyright is a big word, it costs money, it involves resources and efforts, carelessness often ends up like most places (certain place where cracking most prevailing), breach of copyright.

Microsoft 2007-8, window vista home/basic/business/etc, have one thing in common, created documents by one is solely one's. Want conversion using the old version? No way. 1000 ways may be shut, microsoft perhaps by now knows all tricks.

Many softwares beyond this boundary, very doggy, people may play around. But i really endorse this direction, moving to a computer softwares with protection for companies and consumers. Without this, there is no quality in the future anymore. Go back to wordpad, or whiteboard for pie charts etc.

We all pay the price for this privilege we agree upon; each software, vista, microsoft (and many more useful utility many have not realized simply ignoring the importance of copyright), cost us all.

Google online fx are basic. And companies making money relying on these for making money? Question for the day.

jimmy chai