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Monday, November 12, 2007

The tools I use in my software development

Continuing on the posts the tools I used for programming and the tools I used for programming-- Introduction, I would like to continue the series with this post. As the title implies, this post is about software development tools. Programming tools are software development tools, but the converse is not necessarily true, simply because programming is just a subset of the whole software development enterprise. To avoid repetition with previous posts, I will be writing about software development tools that do not relate to the code typing activities.

In my career I have some experience in creating software builds, software packaging and software protection. All these requires sophisticated tools that sometimes charge a hefty license fees (This should remind us that software development is not synonymous with code typing).

Here are some of the tools I used for software development:
  1. Issue Tracker-- FogBugz
  2. Software builds -- Automated Build Studio
  3. Software packaging -- Advanced Installer
  4. Software protection -- Remotesoft, pc guard
  5. Automated UI testing -- TestComplete
  6. Source Control -- Code-Coop

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