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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The tools I use for programming

I don't think I have enough patient or the time to write a full blown post, so this post will be a short one (and hopefully a sweet one as well).

Oh yes, before I get to list down the tools I use, I may need to explain a bit about my background. I am basically a .Net programmer, doing Desktop applications. So my tools are, not surprisingly, .net related. And also since I am involved in software builds and deployment and automated testing, the list will also contain these tools.

In the following posts I shall try to dedicate at least one post to each of these tools. I will be true to myself and my feeling and will not be shying away from controversies, because there is no point in spinning stories in order to get free licenses. Yes, maybe I will upset some vendors, but I guess it is more important to let my readers know my experiences instead of repeating the promotional materials. Anyway if a tool is really bad, the users will find that out themselves regardless of what I say.

Enough introduction, here is a list of the things:

  1. 2003 and above
  2. Visual Assist X
  3. Syncfusion
  4. Nunit
  5. MBUnit
  6. Test Driven.Net
  7. Document! X
There maybe some omissions, but I will add them in whenever I can.

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