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Monday, November 5, 2007

The tools I use for programming--Introduction

Someone says that a real programmer requires only a notepad, any more add-ons on top of it are for neophytes. The argument works like this: a good developer has a deeper understanding of programming, and hence can produce everything from the scratch. Not only that, having to code in the notepad frees the programmer from the presumptions of the IDE vendors ( who are by nature evil) and make them more independent minded. Corollary? A real programmer depends on nothing more than a notepad.

I guess I am not so much of a good programmer, by the above definition, because I am guilty of using a variety of third party tools. Never mind, regardless of what other said, I know that I won't be as productive as I am today without all these useless tools. So here I am, going to talk ab out a list of tools I use for programming.

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