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Friday, November 16, 2007

Bug tracking software - FogBugz (2)

FogBugz version 5 is a decent piece of software. It can do mostly what we want a bug tracking software to do. However, there are a few features missing:

  1. There is no way to plot graphs for the total number of cases open/ closed for different users/ time period. I suspect that no matter how many users request for this feature, FogBugz will never, ever include it in because Joel feels that such graphs may be misused by the incompetent management to pass bad judgment on the software development team. Hearing countless similar stories, I can't agree more with Joel on this point. However, A graph that displays the distribution of cases against some independent variables is still valuable because it provides us with some information on the current state of the software development. By merely looking at these graphs we can know whether we are busy creating new features, or we are consumed by old bugs or whatever other things.
  2. The bug filing editor is just a plain text box , not WYSIWYG kind of editor. In the days when WYSIWYG editors are common, it is just a bit hard to get along with a plain editor.
  3. After using FogBugz for bug tracking, we still fall back to SharePoint for specification sharing purpose. It would be great to have a bug case linked to the specs and have all of them stored at a single location.
  4. Additionally, some of us used Excel for time keeping purpose. I simple could not get to use Excel to keep my time because it was tedious to switch back and forth between Excel and FogBugz. And by the way, I don't think my time recording and estimation contribute anything to the state of the current development, neither did it add any values to our users. There was no extra motivation to track the time.
Since software management, feature tracking and bug tracking are so intertwined, it makes no sense to buy additional piece of software for all these purposes. Therefore our only hope was that FogBugz could integrate software management and feature tracking into it. So when the news of FogBugz 6 was announced, I was eagerly anticipating for its release.

Evidently, what we wanted were what other users had requested, because we finally have wiki and EBS in FogBugz 6. I will talk about these in one of the future posts.

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